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Hello From Congo


6 Oct 2012
Democratic Republic of Congo
Hi UKAPS members,

I am Zanguli 27 years old living and born in Democratic Republic of Congo.
i am keeping fish tank since i have 7 years old, and since more than year i am doing aquascaping.
I have found your forum during research on the web. I am on your forum for more than a year now, and i was thinking that maybe it would be better to register after all this time !! SO HERE I AM !
I would like to thank all the moderators and expert that give comment and advice on this forum, because they have helped me a lot without knowing that they are helping me !!!! :clap: :clap:
I have also register to this forum because, as i am living in Congo I had found different species of aquatic plants living around the town of Kinshasa, and i would like to share this experience with you guys.

I am running a 260 L tank with pressurize CO2 (3 bpm)
108 W since a month (2x 54W° Use to have 3 x 54W )
1000 L per hour filter + a 700 L per hour circulation pump for better flow
EI dosing since a month ( I had to finish other fertilizer)

This week i will star a new tank :
96 L pressurize Co2
86 W for the light (will star first at 60 W for a month or so)
Amazonia Soil from ADA
EI dosing
ETC ......

I wanted also to say sorry for my grammatical mistakes and other language mistakes, because english is not my language !!!

Well thank you every one for your time and hope to spend more good time on this forum !!!!

Hi Zanguli
Where do you get your high tech aquarium supplies from?
pressurize Co2
86 W for the light
Amazonia Soil from ADA


I have order on a french web site for the CO2 and the fertilizer.
For the Amazonia soil i bring it back from my hollydays in thailand last summer !! I went to visit ADA Thailand, i spend a great time in this shop !
For the lights i broth back 2X36 watt from thailand, but light was a bit too blueish for me so i have found in the congolese market a 24 W bulb 2500 k so when i turn on one or the 2 36w Tube and the 24 W it gives a good ballance of collor !!!
Yes it is quite hard or it will be better to say quite long to get what you need in this country cauz you have to order every thing !!! It s the same for the plants in my tank !!! My HC, an other Hemiantus, my ludvigia acurrata, rotala red, microsorum sp, and some of my moss come from ADA thailand. My Crypts, the microsorum, the pogo, the hydrocolite, and others come from France. and than from congo i have, annubias (different type) coming from two different location (both in waterfalls), two differents moss found near the waterfalls, Bacopa , A plants that look like leaves of a pin tree, and a the last one i had found q month ago that looks like HC but a bit bigger.
I know that's a lot of plants but to nihgt i start the new tank. So parts of these plants will be moved to this tank.

thanks guys i will soon star a journal !!!