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Hi from Ukraine

23 Sep 2013
Hello everyone!
My name is Alexander, I'm from Ukraine.
I found your great forum couple of months ago when looked for George's aquascape. I love Journals section, it's very inspiring and very informative to watch how you grow your scapes.
I started my way into aquascaping 3 years ago, in 2010, after seeing beautiful photos of several Dutch aquariums, later I found what Amano did and who he is, and what's it all about. And only last 6 months or so I can think that I started to understand something about plants and aquatic design. But I'm sure there are a lot of things I should still learn.
I'd like to share here couple of my latest works, just yesterday I've launched new project at my cousin's home. Picture will be in week or so.
My English maybe is not so good, it's my second language, and maybe sometimes I would use american english, so please forgive me this errors.
Some of my previous works of this year:


Welcome Alex. Whereabouts in Ukraine are you from ? I only ask as I had a holiday there a few years ago, it was lovely. Don't worry about your English, it is a very friendly forum and most English speakers are aware how bad we are at anyone else's language !
Hi , dude it is lovely to see some sea neighbours around. Awesome tanks and yes the forum is extremely friendly and I have learned a lot thanks to this guys. Keep the good work. I see u around ;)
Thanks guys for you kind words. I see you liked my 60L scape (first picture), so I'm going to describe it shortly in a journal.

David, I'm from Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhya), it's in southern-eastern part of Ukraine, closer to Azov sea, and not so far from Black Sea. Good to hear you had a good time here :)