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How to take pictures of a planted aquarium?


30 Sep 2011
Hello everyone,

I am trying to take a few full tank front shots of my aquarium using my DSLR and a tripod but without much success. They look yellowish or dark or overexposed or bad in general. This is expected since I am new to the field of DSLRs. Could you guys give advice on camera settings and lighting in general?

Once a very experiences aquascaper and former contest judge said to me after asking the same question. "The answer is simple, with great difficulty." o_O
And it is, even more when you are not an experienced photographer.. :arghh:..

Anyway if you get shutterspeed, diafragma and ISO sorted out then many times the refection in the glass is the ugliest of all spoiling things again. A professional photographer gave me the greatest idea about that and adviced me to make something like black curtain. 2 to be precise both a little larger then the tank. Make create a stand to hang 'm in front of the tank and use clothspin to fasten them. Also use clothspin to close the slid between the 2 curtains. That way you can stick the the lens only trough the slit and still reposition the camera in all angles. Now the tank can only reflect the black curtain which obviously isn't to see as a reflection. You as photographer shoulsd stand behind the curtain obviously.. :)

But i'm still strugling myself to get it all fixed... Slowly getting to know the camera.. Now i'm stumbling over composition and angles to show the details in the pic as i see them in real time. It's all a lot to take in account.. Hence there are writen countles books and guides about it.
Forget all that and wait until 5th March for the UKAPS Experience :D :D