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If you could have any career...?

I'd love to write satires or be involved in comedy, possibly some sort of writing anyway. Unfortunately I can't have a career due to ill health, but my brother seems to be doing well with his stand up so I can just live my dreams through him, like one of those dodgy pageant show parents.
1 - sales assistant in a surf shop - no real responsibility and you'll NEVER have a strssed customer.
2 - vintage car restorer
3 - stone mason
I would really love to become a weatherman (meteorologist) but I didn't do very well in my maths AS level.

So now, I'll be going to university to study Environmental Scientist and would like to work in pollution control, like atmospheric pollution or something. Hopefully it will all work out :)
fishkeeper said:
...So now, I'll be going to university to study Environmental Scientist ...
Will you be studying Environmental Scientists, Environmental Science or to be an Environmental Scientist?
Do you think you'll get to do a foundation course in Grammar?
(Sorry - couldn't resist - no offence!)
I'm in the middle of an education to something that would be called "nutrition assistent" in english if you translated it directly from danish.
What you actually do is just cooking in canteen kitchens. I'm an apprentice in a kitchen were we produce food for the pensioners and nursing homes in the area. For the most part it's rather boring and unsatisfying because of the poor quality and it's more about aliquoting and distribution than cooking.

So when I'm finished with this education I'll take another. I'm thinking of biologist or maybe dietitian.
It's pretty cool finding out what everyone does, and what other careers there are out there.

I also wanted to be a vet when I was younger but I couldn't get the work experience. Thought about medicine until I realised that I was just applying because it was a bit like vet. I'm glad I dodged that bullet! I'm a research scientist now. If I could have any career I'd like to continue with this one and end up running my own lab.

It's a fickle career path though, luck on your projects and who you know plays a big part of it, and you basically have to chose between career or family. Some people say you can have a family and a career in science but I think they tend to be exceptional superwomen!

If I don't make it my back up plans are teacher, police person (mounted or dog section) or clinical biochemist. It all depends on when I can't keep going in academia any more and what opportunities are out there if/when I have to leave.

I'm currently trying to apply for my first postdoc, I have to leave the country so I'm pretty excited and scared!