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Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

Steve Smith

19 Jul 2007
Wellesbourne, UK.
Thought I'd start this thread to try and make a cohesive list of inspiring websites full of great photos etc. Not so much looking for sites with information or individual photographs, but things like galleries, flikr sets etc etc. Also nature photography galleries and landscapes.

I'll start:

http://www.natureaquarist.com/ - plenty of ADA scapes to feast on (though pics are a little small).
For me it used to be good old Takashi Amano and others, but now I find myself hardly looking at other peoples scapes in any depth for inspiration. If I want to learn how rock strata lay, or where mosses grow, I go for a walk.

Mother nature taught TA, and remains the inspiration for us all. I still look at other notable scapes to see how a particular aspect was executed, but the foundations are from what I am seeing around me. I even use the local wood and rocks from time to time.

Thanks guys for some wonderful links - many are new to me!

In addition to the ones mentioned, I have found some lovely photographs in the Dennerle book "Systems for Facinating Aquariums". The style is European but makes an interesting change.


Amano's books (i have all three) people say they are dated, i just think their are beautiful.

Oliver Knott -

I really love this picture

I will find my stone buddha when i'm in asian next year and i will stick loads of bamboo in my coner tank next year to make my copy of this, and i will be frowned at for adding ornaments to my planted tank. But i just love that tank.

Completely unrelated to aquaria but in terms of visual inspiration, this guy takes stunning photographs in in a similar format to Takashi Amano (large format plate film camera) ;

and also this book is awesome, it looks at the japanese aesthetic as a whole from gardens to sandals.

Nice to sometimes look at stuff from a completely different specialist area for a fresh outlook and new eyes. I'm guessing everything can be influence on aesthetics but these are my favourites at the moment.