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iPad Photos

17 Mar 2012
I take quite a lot of pictures with my iPad ever since I bought my first one over eight years ago. The only problem with my current iPad Pro 10.5” is that it’s no good for very close objects due to focusing distance. I decided that I’d get my 16Mp DSLR out with 90mm macro lens and the results were worse than the iPad. I could see on the camera screen they were no good so I didn’t bother uploading them to LightRoom for editing. Depth of focus seems so much better on the iPad. I’m wondering if maybe I should ditch the DSLR and just get a compact with macro mode? I seem to remember that small sensors have greater depth of field?

I will give it another try at some point using the same kit, Macro lens, tripod and cable release etc. Maybe try flash next time. It’s all such a faff though. Can’t wait to get an iPad with a decent Macro facility ...
You are right about the bigger dof with the smaller sensor on the iPad. To get a closer dof in the camera you’d need high f stops 16-22 but that requires a lot more light, hence you will need the flash. It all comes down to physics at the end of the day though and you’ll never get a larger dof on an slr than and iPad when closeup.

Have you thought of a macro lens for the ipad?
I did wonder about supplementary lenses for iPads/iPhone. I’ll have to have a look and see what’s out there. In the meantime I must try out my wife’s compact and see how that does.
Working with Apple it pleases me when people adopt iOS devices for taking images, the new 11Pro and Pro max is worthy unless being a pro tog of not taking a camera away anymore. But iPad is still a worthy image.
When my office was in Soho, before we took over the Apple store in Selfridges I used to work alongside the guys who always used OlloClip.
It may be worth having a look and seeing if they still do lenses for the latest gen iPad or your iPad...