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John Starkey

8 Jul 2007
Hi guys I'm in the apple store writing this on an iPad, I want one,I want one :lol: ,really cool bit of kit,
Haha was playing with one this morning here in the office, they are actually a nice size, but a tad heavy for long periods of usage while holding with just one hand. Looks cool though.

I will wait a few months to see what the tablets with Android are like, Android or me is just a better OS, there is more stuff available for free for it and its much open source than the Apple stuff.

But the iPad is great if you don't need to do a lot with it other than browse, email, etc...
LondonDragon said:
Haha was playing with one this morning here in the office, they are actually a nice size, but a tad heavy for long periods of usage while holding with just one hand. .
get yourself down the Gym Paulo :lol: :lol:
I was in the local Apple store the other day and a pirate walked in.

The sales assistant asked him if she could help. The pirate said, "sure, I'm after the new iPatch".

Seriously though, they do look very cool. I saw one at Interzoo of all places.
they look cool.... and people are killing themselves in the factories where they're made, because they're working 12 hour shifts **plus overtime** to try to fill demand.

otherwise I'd have one. Until Apple sorts out production, I don't think I can justify that...

they do look nice and most of apple stuff is so user friends (apart from the mac what with swapping buttons and stuff)
but this mad me laugh!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Lets not turn this into an Apple bashing thread :p

Apple made all this possible by introducing sexy devices that actually work and are user friendly (the first Windows Mobile I had I felt like I needed a masters in computing to use the damn thing, and I had an IT background lol), now the rest are just trying to improve on it. The Android is a potential Apple killer, but the quality of the devices still play second fiddle, until a manufacturer designs some sexy kit Apple will continue to dominate.

Saying that, Android has taken over iPhone sales in the states the last couple of months, so times are changing!
I had an iphone and got rid within a week, hated it so much. I've got a samsung smart phone and really like it, would much rather have an android though.
I'm not a miserable person, there's just a lot of things I don't really like. The HTC's I like a lot and they don't make you pay for everything like the Iphone did. I had the 3gs and found that the battery ran down super fast and the screen seemed to either be too sensitive or not sensitive at all, often wouldn't unlock.

ANYWAY!!! I saw a punk with an ipad in the park today, it was a bizar sight. I can't imagine them being much fun to type on or to recline with, you'd have to hold it with one hand and type with the other which if you try with your keyboard now isn't very easy/ comfortable at all.
Garuf said:
you'd have to hold it with one hand and type with the other which if you try with your keyboard now isn't very easy/ comfortable at all.
Reason I said it was too heavy ;) but was either that or a lower battery life to make it lighter! you are suppose to type on it while its on your lap or on a flat surface :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol:
I typing this on my iPad. It's a really nice device. It's great for consuming media, browsing, email, and I have started reading books again for the first time in years. It's not a PC or a net book and it's not trying to be one. Don't knock it till you have tried it. So far I'm impressed and seem to be more so every day I use it.

I owned an HTC smartphone. Had everything and more than what an iPhone could offer. It used windoze and although it was an open standard the software I installed on it cost a fortune. Sat nav was £150 on the HTC and a better version of the same software on the iPhone was £25.

The difference between the iPhone and the HTC windows smartphone was that although the HTC could do everything it was impossible to use properly. Tap tap with a stylus, crash after crash. When I bought an iPhone it just worked! I was so impressed with the device and the quality of the experience I finally took the advice of a friend and I bought a Mac.

When I owned a PC I never understood what the hype was about, windows was fine, I had bought the software and change was difficult so why change.

The Mac is not the perfect computer. It sometimes makes me mad, but when I use a windows computer I find myself wanting to throw it out a window a few times a day as apposed to the Mac which I want to throw out the window only every other day!

I'm not trying to covert people or push Apple because I remember hating that as a pc user. I didn't want to try a Mac precisely because some people told me I had made the wrong choice and should change.

Apple control the quality of the experience and match the hardware and software. The use of their products is almost fun, they don't get in the way of what you are trying to do - at least most of the time. I'd highly recommend you try using them for a few days and then make up your own mind.

You get what you pay for. If you value quality then you will not only experience that in the ease of use but also in the physical design and quality of the product. My pc was a cheap noisy plastic overheating box, while my Mac is a silent solid aluminium object of design perfection :crazy: it's not for everyone but it's like ehiem spray bars vs cal aqua glass Lilly pipes :p (not the best comparison actually as spray bars probably work better than lilly pipes)

I have windows 7 on my Mac. I was scared I would not be able to do everything on it unless I had access to windows. I never use windows now after 8 months, a waste of money paying for the OS to run on the Mac. I can't go back to windows now that I have been bitten by the Apple bug.

Try it, you are unlikely to be sorry....
I am apple through and through! I have many apple products all of which are solid!

Iphone is the phone that all others try to be?