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Is This OptiWhite Glass?


6 May 2015
Kent (UK)

New tank arrived, and the front panel is supposed to be OptiWhite... I’m not convinced. Admittedly I’ve not had that glass before, so maybe my expectations not right? To me, the side glass looks the same?

Doesn't look like it.. :) The difference in color looking at the cut edge is easy to distinguish..

As in the pic below, the optiwhite (low iron) left side is more light Turcoise color more towards the light blue/green than the clearly darker green of the normal blank floated glas at the right..

But there might be different types/shades of low iron glas in production and might differ by make. I don't think otpiwhite has an iso norm in color. It's more likely the % iron contents. I actualy have no idea how that is determined and the range of % iron that still may be considered or sold as low iron.

This is the optiwhite i did lately build myself..

There you see its color. But it also depends a bit on the angle you view it from and the size of the panel.. But in the corect angle it should look much lighter than normal blank floated. And with blank floated stays as dark as is no mater the angle.. :)
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It doesn't look like optiwhite, but maybe it's closer to guardian? As @zozo said, coloration depends on % iron content. So it's a continuous scale, you can get anything in between. If you think it looks look - get it, that's all that matters.
Well it’s a bit late for that, it’s my custom built tank which I paid for OptiWhite for.

There are a few issues with it, but I wanted to get my facts straight first.
Yes I would say so, this is my Red Sea Reefer tank that has optiwhite glass for comparison. Looking down the side is not the best way to tell, as there will always be a green tint, you can tell by looking square on as the tank will not have any tint of green/blue that aquariums typically had.


But I would be more concerned about the poor silicone work.
Raise the issue through pay pal I suppose - note there are time limits after receipt of goods so don’t hesitate any longer
The link you provided goes nowhere now ie general eBay.uk but not to the supplier of your tank