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life after dexter and breaking bad

As well as just about all of the series mentioned hub and me also watch: Southland, Elementary, Hannibal, Perception, Blue Bloods, House of Cards (Spacey is excellent as always), Downton Abbey, Hell on Wheels, Mentalist, 666 Park Avenue, Castle, Under the Dome, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Fringe, Vampire diaries (you can blame my daughter as she went on ad infinitum until we watched the first episode, then nagged again until we' d watched the first four and got hooked!),and The Originals. Some of these are better than others but personally I like all of them more than Revolution - although the story line of that is showing some promise atm.

Hmmm, you'd think we were TV addicts.... and we don't even own a TV!!

No I haven't, but I'm always on the look out for a new good read so I'll look it up :) l've just read Linkershim and now l'm reading A storm of swords (as The Axis of Awesome say "the books are always better" - and I can't wait for the next series!!!).

Marvel agents of SHEILD, we are a few in and still watching.
Watched the first episode and was bad enough! the acting is not great on that!