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Low Tech Re-Scape


11 Sep 2010
Manchester, UK
Hi all,

been some time since i was last here, im looking to rescape my tank but having no high tech gear anymore i need suggestions for plants suitable with no co2 and no high light (standard LED only)


Would recommend the Chihiros Series A, inbuilt dimmer to balance the light intensity, good value as well. Would also suit if you decide to convert to high tech later.
Sorry,maybe my post confused you but im looking for plant suggestions in a low tech.
Hi mike, depending on how low light the led is will limit the plant choice, anubias Java fern many of the bucephlandra species and cryptocoryne species will do well. limnophillia sessilflora, rotala rotundifola, ludwigia arcuata have done ok for me low tech, also micranthemum Monte Carlo, hygrophillia araguia, penthorium sedoides, though the later list have had medium light rather than low. Most plants from tropicas list of easy plants are a good starting point for low light low tech, http://tropica.com/en/plants/,
Hope that helps mate, look forward to a journal;)
Thanks tim, not sure on the spec of the LED to be honest as ive binned the box.

I need some plants to fill out my tank as per the below, ill take a look at your suggestions. Many thanks
Really nice wood. Is it a single piece or you put some woods together?

With low light, no CO2 and no hard water, you can get beautiful healthy fronds from Microsorum 'Trident' or 'Narrow Leaf' and Bolbitis heudelotii, tied to the wood, where branches start. Between wood base and the bottom you could add some Anubias (Anubias 'Nana' and Anubias 'Petite', to play with leaves of the same shape but different sizes), tied to the wood, or to little rocks that you can move around.
You can also add some Bucephalandra, but I have no experience with them, even if tthey are really nice. It has to be my next plant to buy. And Lagenandra meeboldii 'Red' looks interesting, too. I read it is low demanding like Anubias is.
Around the wood you can plant in the soil some Cryptocoryne. They can have leaves from slightly bronze to olive green shades.
Last plant I suggest is some kind of moss tied to rocks or little pieces of wood that you can take out of the tank to prune properly. I really like mosses that grow flat with a triangular shape: Christmass Moss, Spiky Moss, Peacock Moss, Weeping Moss, China Moss, Brazil Moss etc.. I have the Spiky but it's still tiny.
Those are all low -light\maintenance\fertilisers- demanding plants (you can barely fertilize if you keep some fish) that can give a spectacular very natural look, combined with woods like in your tank.