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LUPYLED theONE - thoughts?

Sounds like an awesome light for contests and professional aquascapers. Not really sure any hobbyist needs such a complicated system but I am sure many will justify buying it somehow
Anyone else notice the dimensions of the LED array vs the tank ...
- those outer lying edges will have rather different PAR values/intensity regardless of how the colors are adjusted across the array.

Even the controller looks top class, so I'd guess more than Ian's 700 ;) - unless they bring out some units at special get these on the market pricing
(eg, Kessil's new (marine) luminaire is available at ~30% discount)
that would only make it even more $$
Then you need a larger screen to make it easier to move stuff around :p iPad Pro I recon ;)

Looks impressive and very flexible, you can not shine so much light on your hardscape and reduce algae build up on that ;) looks like an amazing piece of kit, but I am sure it will be beyond my budget ;)
Well, considering that this is a promotional video from a guy, that yes, he is good in aquascaping no doubt, but also being paid to make that video...which does not make better the product, anyway.

It makes you think if you really need all that stuff... Different light for different areas? Storm simulation?... I would be largely satisfied if I just could make the layouts other hobbyists have produced with the standard equipment I have. It demonstrates me what is the real constraint... Me!

Here I coincide with Jordi. The trick is not to get the ultimate/bloody expensive/probably not required equipment, but just to have the right things to get the right aquascape. I have serious doubts that this unit will make your aquascape better. It will probably make more poshy your algae if you do not manage the rest of the stuff. In fact, I am quite sure many people making DIY stuff are getting better specifications for the plants than many commercial equipment. I am not the DIY guy, either (I have other skills but not that one) so I have to buy my things if I want to success...However, I just look for the right things. No more, no less. Just my opinion, of course, because as discussed, if someone wants some lighting unit simulating storms...well...that is personal decission, no doubt.
Why are these lights so big? Might as well get a tank hood with a brace of t5's. Nature doesn't provide flat lighting that prodeces no shadow. Is point source from the sun isn't it? :confused:

Unless it has adaptive optics or 5deg lenses you'll get light spill from the desired areas. If it does have 5 deg lenses you'd need to buy one the same size as your tank for it to work as described. Noted by German design bods and bigged up by Mr Knott = €€€€€. Im going to say €1500

€1500 can buy you German design and technology that enables you to have localised algae outbreaks :D
Nature doesn't provide flat lighting that prodeces no shadow. Is point source from the sun isn't it? :confused:
Its so flexible it will be better than the sun ;) you will be able to simulate the sun moving across your aquascape and provide all sorts of shadows :p

To be fair I was happy running T5's on my tank and will most likely use T5's again on my next aquarium which I am looking to purchase soon. But if you have he cash and want fancy toys why not? I am sure it will work just great as any other light you throw at the tank.
€1500 can buy you German design and technology that enables you to have localised algae outbreaks :D

Also due to the recent VW debacle, we shouldn't believe the stated light emissions until they've been independently tested :lol:
I like spotlights because they allow high light plants to be grown next to low light plants and I believe this is the next phase for aquascaping.

But disagree with all the other features. For example I had an arduino controller at one point which allowed me to control sunrise sunset cloud cover and lightning but I ended up ditching it because I realised that my tank was in my living room and was getting all those things through the window anyway. And as for controlling it with my iphone, well, I got into aquascaping to look at fish and plants. Not another screen.

I would have preferred a manual more basic model without the lighting modes and just lenses and swivels that can be adjusted and focused by hand. This is where I think Kessil got it right. I may be wrong but i think it also doesn't have the ability to adjust the width of the spotlight, which is actually more important imo. Unless the quality of the lights is fantastic I think the average hobbyist would still buy a Kessil.
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For me - my current set up has Java fern on wood which is right under the light. My carpet plants aren't spreading because I have to keep the light low to prevent algae on the Java fern. The Lupyled would seem to provide a solution but it all comes down to the shekels

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I'm just starting up a new tank after a few years out of the hobby, does anyone know when these are coming out in the UK, I would like to see a working one in the flesh!?
Just drop them a line via their Facebook page (enquiring after local demo's - given unit price, I'd expect a roving company rep with demo unit rather than individual shops being able to provide demo's)
$2500 euro for 80cm? That is about $5000 Aus dollars. I think they may sell more Teslas than this unit in Australia. Perhaps the marine people will splash out though.
Thanks, just checked back on their website, seems a shop over in London will be selling, ill have to swing by and check them out