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Macro mixture

John Starkey

8 Jul 2007
Hi all got home from hospital today after a minor op and a three day stay due to excessive bleeding,i took a few macro shots on tuesday before i went in so thought i would load them up for you to see,as i am very bored sat in the chair,




regards ,
John, I reckon you'd love the MPE 65mm! your doing great without it, but i guess youd do the lens some justice. you could get a cheap flash to allow you to shoot at f8-11 to get some even sharper images.

get well soon mate. i'm still in italy with a tooth abscess :( ( theres no crying smiley)
Thanks everyone,viktor i use a canon 100mm 2.8 is L macro lens,
Fantastic, John, all the best with your recovery.

Amazing shots! :wideyed:
Hi all,thanks for the nice remarks and the good wishes,to be honest i feel really crap today,i had extra anastetic because they cleaned my sineces out too and and i was really sick in the night and i feel sick right now :sick: :sick: ,cant wait to feel myself again,

ps i cant be bothered to look up spelling today :sick: .
FishBeast said:
love your work! Would love to know some of your settings for these shots

These are the settings i use but i am not saying there are set in stone,taking pics is about trying different settings and such like but the beauty of digital is if they turn out rubbish you just delete them and try again,here is some of my settings,

For blurred backgrounds (BOKEH) i use a small apeture normally the lenses smallest which in my case is f/2.8,this will blur the background nicely,i will shoot in manual mostly,but i do use AV quite a bit which if you select the apeture the camera will set the shutter speed,if you want everything in focus then use a larger apeture of something between f/8 right up to f16,with f11 being most camera bodies sweet spot,i also use AWB,and spot metering for macro only,i will also add dont forget the higher the f/ number the longer your shutter will stay open so if you are hand holding a macro lens without IS it will be harder to get a sharp shot unless you very steady hands,

hope that helps you a bit