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Mixing ADA aquasoil v2 with other brands?


New Member
3 Jun 2024
Hi I hope someone can help a beginner.

I have a 50g 90cm planted tank with ADA Aquasoil v2 that's been running for 6months. Now I want to add more hardscape, to be specific more seiryu stones and move the driftwood a little bit. While planning, I figured I would need to add more substrate to achieve the depth and the look that I want. Im looking at adding probably around 5-6liters of aquasoil. Problem is, budget is tight right now(ADA brand is expensive here in the Philippines) so I was looking at other brands of substrate I can use then I remember reading somewhere online some time ago that mixing ADA with other brands causes it to break down. is this really true? I just researched it again and ive been seeing different comments. what made me ask is when someone said "its just a marketing strat to get people to buy just their own brand".

I would really like to have this done so I can get its beauty on its peak or at least to be almost there for the coming Christmas season.

and btw, current livestock are:
1 Neon dwarf rainbow
2 Cardinal Tetra
2 Red pencil tetra
1 Oreo Angelfish
6 Malaya shrimp
3 Nerite snails

Thank you
Mix away, I've mixed several different brands in the past and no disintegration.
As far as I can see there is very little difference visually as well.
Regardless, it's not something I'd worry about too much particularly ;)