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My Road to IAPLC 2017

Picks jaw up off floor. Amazing, Yo Han! It reminds me of Amano's smaller wood scape at Sumida.
Can't say that tank (or to be more precise, the original that stood in the ADA gallery) wasn't one of my favorite tanks of mr. Amano and was part of the inspiration to make this scape;)

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Unwrapping the wood after some final adjustments:



Adding new soil and sand:


Although I'm no small guy with 1.87m, you can clearly see this is no small tank:


Add some water to make planting easier:


Plants for between the stones and just behind them:


Behind that some cryptos:


Background (plus Pogostemon qaudrifolius from my previous scape):


On the wood a few ferns beside all the Taxiphyllum (800 gram!!!):


Feedback is always welcome during scaping:


Happely I new the wood would float so I kept close to the tank when filling it:



Full of water:



Right now all fish are swimming again and the filter is running. Water is almost clear but the lights are already dim so I'll post more photos in the next few days when the water is crystal clear again!
Add fast growing plants , like stem plants , rotala ...etc
There are fast growing plants (Pogostemon, Cardamine, Proserpinaca) inside, read my last post. But if you ever maintained a large tank, you know you don't want fast growing plants

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Is the CO2 really needed for these plants you went with?
Probably not, the Proserpinaca might be the only one, but all plants grow better, more bushy, with CO2, and I like that compact look. I do add less than with me previous scape though.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn E6653 met Tapatalk
Well both would be interesting but it was the rescape I was thinking about...
This rescape was not that expensive, I reused most of the soil and the stones. In Euro's, 80 for soil, 20 for sand, 30 for Moss Cotton, about 600 for the wood and the plants got sponsored by Aquaflora which was about 600-700 retail. The entire tank could have been a small brand new car, haha!