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new tank ferts

Mr P

4 Oct 2011
NW london
I have 2 new setups on the go at the moment. i have used James C recipe with good results.on new tanks how much ferts do i need to use as there is a lower plant mass.how do you know if you are over or under dosing?any help would be great.thanks :)
Hi skankypup

I would use the normal dose for the tank size and not worry about overdosing.
You will run into more problems if you underdose (failing plants = algae on the leaves etc.)
I started a low tech about three years ago using James C's recipe and didn't dose enough. I got BGA all over the place.
All sorted now :D
What are the tanks stats...size, substrate etc. Substrate choice can drastically change the amount we need to dose.
hello Mark,i have a 175ltr tank with eco complete substrate ,co2,2x24watt T5 lighting.I also have a 65ltr tank with columbo flora base with tetra substrate(thin layer) and osmocote pellets.2x24watt T5 lights, also co2 ,any guides on ferting these tanks would be great. :)