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Out of CO2


12 Jun 2011
My CO2 cylinder has finished more quickly than I expected, and although a new one is on order I am facing a few days without gas; it could not have come at a worse time as I am battling BBA at present. Does anyone have some advice on how to minimise the damage to the plants and minimise algae? I plan to continue with easycarbo and reduce the photoperiod by 50%. Or am i better just leaving the lights off? Any other suggestions?
Always try an have an extra bottle in the future so this doesn't happen again. I know thats a cost, but it's a worthwhile purchase. Gas always seems to follow Murphys Law by running out on the eve of a 3-4 day public holiday.
Thanks for the input. It is clear that I should reduce the light, I was just unsure whether to reduce the light or switch it off completely. One vote for each! I think that I will stick with my plan to reduce the light so the plants do not suffer too much. Anyone think that is a bad idea? Hopefully I will have more CO2 early in the week.