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Photo Request

9 Jun 2008
I know I've talked about this a million times but I've decided to go ahead and make a resource-type-thing on all aspects of fiskeeping and planted tanks.

I'm not sure on what exactly the content of the site will be, but at the moment I'm looking for photos. Just any fish-related photos that you'd be willing to contribute, whether it be of plants, whole setups, fish photos, equipment, step-by-steps, final photos, hardscape - just any photos. Of course, you will be credited if I definately go ahead and use them. I am particularly looking for fish photos though

I know it's a lot of effort but I'd really appreciate it :) if you could send photos to my email: thomasjamesmcmillan [at] live.co.uk

(obviously replace [at] with the @ sign)

Thanks so much
Thanks LondonDragon, very kind of you :)

Thanks Helena - got your email, you're a great help too.

More photos welcome guys, thanks everyone :)
DIY Python kit (Genuine parts)

Bout to do a step by step guide to my FE setup (I know its been done but sometime a second one can help some of the slower people like me out there!! LOL

im about to get another EX1200 and could detail the filter setup with some media pics?
Thanks aaron, I'll take a look at your posts and see if there's anything that I could use.

Behold - that might come in handy, at the moment I'm just taking anything and everything to be honest. Thanks!

Thanks again everyone, I'm always looking for more photos. Even if it's just a 'feel free to use any of my photos as long as you give credit' then that'd be great :)
Feel free to use any fishy photos from my flickr account, as usual just make sure I'm credited and that they continue to have the creative commons licence attached.
Thanks again guys :) really helpful of you

Again, if there's anyone else that doesn't mind, even just a 'feel free to use photos from my posts' would be fine.