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-- plant position help :)


13 Aug 2008
Surrey, UK
hi guys, having a little trouble with my stems atm. i have a stretched out clump at the mo. with R.rotundefolia at the back and a few stems of L.Aromatica in front and various bunches of L.sesiliflora. Now, i want to remove the sesiliflora and make my stems look much better. Here is a pic of what it looks like. (2 weeks ago anyway!)


i guess i have a few choices:

do i leave it as it is after removing the L.S
Do i just plant rotala where the L.S was
Do i have more stems on the left island?

any thoughts guys?
Excuse a complete beginner to planted tanks replying to your post as i think it looks great, but have you considered removing the left island completely and putting some sand and graded pebbles down to create a riverside bank effect on the right? It wouldbe a similar look to the winner of the large category in the AGA competition. (images on this site).

Other than that if you want to keep the right side to block out the in tank equipment then maybe some taller stems at the back grading down to the front.

i thought about the single island type scape but i didnt really want an open area, so i went with what i have now. its all down to personal preferance.
As this is my first planted tank, for me, its all about learning to grow the plants successfully first and getting the tank 'correct' in terms of water quality and 'finding the balance'id rather do this than jump right in and find that i cant swim so to speak.

(sorry for all the dodgy sayings :lol: )
Totally understand Nick, and i have to go through the same processes myself when my tank arrives late september :) Whilst i have kept fish before i have never gone down the planted route.

Good luck with the scape.