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Plenty of inspiration, zero experience


2 Sep 2013
Hi All,

Just returned from planet Mars and came across Aquascaping just by chance. Suffice it to say I'm inspired by what I've seen on the web including projects some of you folks have created. I'm a scientist and artist, both of which may come in handy at some point, BUT I have no repeat NO experience with tropical fish/planted tanks other than gazing at them in awe like a guppy at feeding time.

So, consider joining UKAPS and posting this thread very much as STEP 0!

Step 1 is to spec up and source the equipment I need. At the moment I like to idea of a ~60 cm braceless tank, hi tech, nature style. Once I have compiled something I'll seek advice.

All the best
Hey welcome Derek.

Definitely a wise move joining this forum. Don't be afraid of asking what you consider dumb questions (so long as you have forum searched first ;)). I have asked plenty and I have received huge amounts of help that has all contributed to surviving and still having the passion 1 year later. The members and admin are really the best.

As I got told, and it is true. Create a journal in the journal section. Post often, show lots of photos as people like to see the pictures, your progress and will offer advice where appropriate. Especially in times where you need to diagnose a problem with the water column etc.

Good luck.
Looking forward to seeing what you are spec'ing up and your plans.
Many thanks to all for welcoming me to the community. Lots of reading and fielding questions ahead of me I think.

Great idea RolyMo about a journal. Once I have a spec I'll start one.
Hi Derek and welcome to the forum.

Its amazing how helpful and knowledgable the people here are - So don't be afraid to ask any questions.

Journals are a great way to begin your journey - Lots of pics :)

Look forward to seeing you around.


Welcome to the forum Derek. Although I haven't posted a great deal on here yet, I have learned an awful lot just by reading through the threads and tutorials.