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Pogostemon helferi turning white


11 Nov 2007
Yaxley, Peterborough
Any ideas why only one of my Pogostemon helferi has turned white.

I have about 15 specimens and they are all normal green.

Tank is 720 litres, lighting is 39W x8 T5 and dosing TPN+ bi-weekly.

But the white specimen does look quite good though.
Ok, here's a few pics of the white one.



I've seen that once before on PFK, exactly the same thing happened to some chap's P. helferi and as far as i know he never found out what the cause was although i remember Magnesium deficiency being mentioned, but i think that was just a last ditch guess :rolleyes:
I have some gone like this, still sat in the tropica pot, I thought it was me just killing it :(

TDI-line said:
If it were growing in my garden then I would guess that it was a random variegation and depending on whether I liked it or not I would either pinch it out below the white to encourage new non variegated growth or pinch it out at the tip to encourage new variegated growth. Though TBH it's unlikely to survive as a variegated form as it has next to no green at all, only on the veins.

I'm basing my theory on the fact that none of the others seem even vaguely affected, there is no pallor to its neighbours at all. If this were caused by some nutrient deficiency then there would likely be other stems suffering or starting to show signs by now.