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Westyggx said:
Do you not want a solenoid? Whats your budget...

i would like a solenoid but my budget is about that above
i thought i could add one on later?
Hi Ste

If you can put another £20 to it and you can wait a few weeks for shipping this would be perfect http://bit.ly/xovRvZ and only £55 with P&P no upgrading later all in one complete regulator and solenoid nice bit of kit for price and if afford this it would better option

As for having a solenoid its vital to have CO2 off at night as the plant don't need co2 at night eg lights off. Plants give off a small amount CO2 at night and need O2 so having a solenoid can be handy as you just hook it up to a timer and it will turn its self on and off how every you set it up and will save you having to turn to bottle or F.E off manually every day and save you wasting gas

Happy Shopping