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Rescaped my low tech tank

Sean Scapes

23 May 2021
Dudley West Midlands
So after 5 months I rescaped my low tech tank. I was having lots of flow issues and wanted a complete change. Last tank became overgrown. I removed most of the plants. Especially moss as it was just harbouring loads of waste and took over. Fish are loving having more open space to swim in.
Hi @Sean Scapes is that before and after pictures? Maybe its just me, but I don't see much wrong in the first pic... A bit of GSA, because the light is a bit too strong perhaps, but that's it. Nothing a small circulation pump and a tad lower light couldn't fix.

I am sort of in a similar situation at the moment with an area going stale due the density of plants, but will be fixed next week when I put in a tiny circulation pump for that area.
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I think the key to changing the shape of your layout is dedicated trimming and plant management, the tank looked very good beforehand but was not the ratio you were imagining, so now you have to build on that triangle ratio by trimming and removing overly large leaves and keeping the open space on the right open, over time it will become like the jungle before, but if you are dedicated with trimming you can maintain the triangular shape of the layout.