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storing plants

a rix

2 May 2015
Iam about to order my plants soon however they may well be arriving on the day before I want to plant them would it be ok for me to store them till the next day and if so how would I go about it.

Many thanks Anthony rix
I will be ordering them from aquarium gardens so i expect the packaging to be fairly good
I just throw mine into the tank to float about until I'm ready :)

So do I most if the time if they are individual plants.

When I was setting up my tank the first time I ordered lots of stems and had the same problem. I had far too many to plant in one session and I wanted to keep them organised as there were a lot and they weren't bunched. I put lots of wet paper into the bottom of a storage tub, laid the plants on top and gave them a good soaking with a spray bottle, covered them with another thin layer wet paper, put the lid on and left them in a cool room overnight.