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Test results


30 Jan 2021
Hello everyone

Short story of my tank:

Up and running on the 25th of January
16 fish in on 29th of January (no idea what cycling the tank was by then)
30th of January we added some filter media and some more plants
31st of January 3 deaths

7 fish sent back to shop, we kept 6

Since then alternate days 50% water change

Then we bought the test lab

PH 8 - 8.5
NH3 0
NO2 0.5
NO3 5
KH 14
GH 20

PH 8 - 8.5
NH3 0
NO2 0.25
NO3 5
KH 13
GH 23

What do you think?

Thanks in advance
I think you're getting close confusedman but like hufsa says its probably best continuing with the water changes.
Nitrite poising may not kill your fish instantly, it might not visibly harm them, on the other hand it could weaken there immune systems and lead to disease and or death at a later date.

Is it worth the risk for another week of water changes?
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I wasn't thinking about stopping the water changes right now. Just curious about how its going. The test was done before todays water change.
I undestand after the change the readings would have been better
If you know your water supplier say "Thames Water" you can Google "Thames water quality report". Just enter your postcode and it will give give you a rough idea of whats in your tap water.

It's not overly important for you at present and I was merely asking out of curiosity.
Oh yes that! I did check it but it was too complicated for me :):)
There's a lot of info there, and a lot of it isn't very relevant, but hidden in it are a few useful bits. If you can post the report we can tell you if there's anything worrying in it.