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The kindness of strangers.


14 Oct 2007
i had a flat tyre tonight on my way home, and 1. i cannot change a tyre, 2. i couldn't even get the spare out as no tools!

So, as it's a company car, i called the Distribution Manager who went and found the Transport Manager to help me, and as i was on the phone a guy pulls over to see if i am ok, he then explained to the Transport Manager roughly where i was, as i happened to be on an un-classed road on the Cornish Moors, and then he went, the Transport manager called the AA for me.

During my wait another guy pulls over to see if i was ok, and when i explained, he offered to wait. Then after the guy goes my AA man calls me as he cannot find me, this happened twice, then a third man pulls up, i explained my situation, so he called my AA man - from his own phone - finds out where he is and gives him directions to me, then parks behind my car and says he will wait until AA man arrives as he was concerned for me.

And then AA man after he fixes my spare on, checks all the pressure on all 4 and fills the air up for me.

I am genuinely touched by the kindness of strangers tonight!
wow, thats so nice to hear.
makes a change from all the horrific stories you hear in the paper.

should have got his number :lol: = :oops:
The world is full of pure people. And as you have experienced it first hand, it is one of the most heart warming and inspirational experiences you will have.

What a buzz ahy Loz. Who needs drugs or drink when you have the kindness of our fellow folk. Restores your faith in people doesn't it?
Lovely story. I've done a lot of bicycle touring, and have found all over the world, when you're in a vulnerable situation (as you are constantly on a bike), that people of all sorts are overwhelmingly good, kind, generous and helpful. It's a wonderful world - it really is!
it was just so nice, pleantly of folk went past and didnt stop, true, but, i'm glad the ones that did, did. i'd probably still be there otherwise, lol

bad thing too, soon as they stop and walk over, panic set's in! but was ok, al were nice guys.

And wanted to share, as i was so touched. :)