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The luckiest images in the world.

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
well, like i say. I'm luckiest git in the world ;)

i found this little moth in the garden earlier this afternoon. went to pick natt and dan up from train station, came back shone a torch and bingo! instant wildlife action. :wideyed:

the little thing was preggers.

Now, my neighbour already thought i was bonkers, but now she deffo thinks so, when i took all my lights outside, camera and stand. it was like wembley stadium. i must stress though, i took these as fast as i could then left her to her business.




JamesM said:
horrible creatures though :lol:

eh? :lol: one of lifes wonders mate. along with butterflys. another fave of mine.

it's a bit wierd they do this, this time of year.

i'm off to photograph natts eye now :p
great photos :D your having lots of fun with this new lense by the looks of it :thumbup:

and btw its merveille du jour :geek:
JamesM said:
horrible creatures though :lol:
how can it be ugly with a name like that, moths are amazing! :woot:
I'm loving these images taken with your new lens, especially these! I really like wildlife photography. I like the story that goes with it too. :)

If you're ever after any more moths to photograph, my bedroom seems to be a moth trap! They always seem to find their way in.
cool shots again.

have you ever seen the things that the wildlife people (cant remember what you call them) use? they go out at night with a white sheet and light it from behind and they all land on the sheet. although i doubt it will create enough light for the lens by the sound of things.

and your neighbours thought you were crazy before :lol:
Great photos once again :) yep you did buy the lens at the wrong time of the year, but at least you can get enough practice now and then you will only get great shots ;) would will have already got the hang of the lens by the time spring comes round.