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Tulgey Wood - Trimmed

Hey Faizal, thanks. Now the water has cleared a bit more, and I can actually see, I've moved a few plants around and I think it's already made a small improvement. Once it all clears up properly I'll take some more snapshots.
As a stupid thought. Your initial hardscape was super graphical. But now plants are hiding some of its beaty. I wonder what there could be done to reveal the wood again. Maybe shorter plants or less biomass would help. Or may be I'm wrong.
It's not a stupid thought at all, in fact you may have point...I'm not at all sure myself. But I'm experimenting and learning all the time and the scape is definitely a work in progress. I've already moved some plants around since the last image was taken. The fact that the water was very murky, casting much of the scape in shadow doesn't help either. That said though, I suppose for me the plants are the main interest, and the hardscape just the framework, but I'm sure other's, like yourself, will have a different perspective...
Either way thanks for showing enough interest to pass comment:)
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Been battling a few problems:(...I decided to use fine grain sized Colombo Flora Base for the foreground and it's proven a nightmare to keep the plant leaves free of sediment. Many have suffered necrosis as a result, and this added to the usual melt...so overall I've had massive die off and addition of organics to the water column; and therefore a surface scum the thickness of the like you wouldn't believe:eek: Even 50-100% daily water changes had little effect for the first week or so. At one point I was sorely tempted to tear the whole thing down and start again...my frustrations have been so massive:arghh:

I've also got a massive polychaete worm invasion from somewhere...plants actually...but I suppose that's ok - more free live food for the fish when I eventually add them. But it's damn ugly and frankly turns my stomach:sick:

However, it's not all bad I really turned up the gas, lighting, and fertz to get the plants established (maybe why the die off was so rapid and overwhelming) so growth has more than kept a pace. And the forlorn Rotala sp. green that I was sent by Seapets has miraculously sprung to life and is bushy and halfway to the surface:)

However, it's a mess quite frankly, and I need to re-position my epiphytes; they aren't adding to the scape as much as I would like (smothering more like). I'll post a warts and all photo soon before I do a bit of a clean up and rescape...
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Hang in there!! Yes I used two exclamation marks. I had the same scum when starting my last scape, I had bubbles on the surface an inch across... Not nice but I got it to cakn down and its running without much interference now

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I think you do yourself a disservice ! This looks really interesting , a nice variety of shapes and colours . Now to get some fish in there - any ideas yet ??

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Wow, thanks Richard that's really nice of you to say so...I think that perhaps the potential is there I just need to tweak the epiphytic planting. The stems are going great guns though, and that's really encouraging. Still not sure about fish species though. Although I can categorically state I rather they were not jumpers...
I've moved stuff around a bit...placed all the A. bonsai at the bottom of the hardscape and added some H. tripartita and E. tennellus to the right hand foreground. I've also added some more H. pinintifidia to the mid ground, left and juxtaposed the L. arcuata with the R. rotundifolia.

I'm really pleased with the way the Fissidens has taken hold; it seems to be doing very well, as do the stems. I've redirected flow over the foreground carpet and that also seems to be filling in nicely now too.

I've also given some thought to fish and Tim's suggestion of rosy loaches has got me thinking not just about keeping them but also sympatric species such as Celestial Pearl Danio and perhaps their Glowlight cousins.

But I'm still battling sediment on leaves etc with regular water changes...annoyingly.

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Thanks Ed. Very nice fish, but I'm afraid my tank conditions will not suit it very well. Water too hard, light too bright etc...It definitely deserves a biotope so it'll be one to consider in the future,
I'll be honest, I didn't really like the hardscape until I seen the last picture you've just uploaded. Stunning. Well planted, good choice of plants, shows the hardscape off better! One to keep an eye on!