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UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Please share with us all your entries for the IAPLC 2010.

I'll start with Dan Farmer's - Nature's Reflection. A collaboration between Dan Crawford and I. The photo isn't the best as it was taken during the Interzoo 2010 using tank lighting only and no fancy backgrounds etc., hence the reflections and visible equipment. Ranked 559th.

I knew I was never going to place high in the IAPLC, I entered last minute with my entry from the Pico Competition, just for the sake of entering.

I'm really glad I entered, it has inspired me to scape a proper tank, and consider design more. I hope to enter next year with a real 'scape.


IAPLC 2010 Rank: 1574

Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14x14x14cm

Aquascape Name: Pico Paradise

Hardscape/Materials used: Bogwood, Dragon Stone, Oli Knott Nature Soil, Unipac Zambezi Sand

Plants: Eleocharis Acicularis, Lilaeopsis Novea-Zealandia, Crytocoryne Moehlmannii

Fertilisation: Easy Carbo, EI, from main tank in water change

well done to all UK entrants and beautifull tank dan and george.

Garuf said:
No#100 is horrible, how did that place so highly?!
check out 643, whats going on with that?
where are the official results as some are missing in that link???
The images of the entries on that site are not usually the finished 'scape that was sent in for the competion.
Allright since the party is over i may can share it now. I had this tank in a much better shape too, but on the photo shooting this is how it turned out.

Nr. 96.


Some behind the scene shooting: http://www.flickr.com/photos/viktorlantos/

I would be happy with a much lower ranking too, as there was so many excellent aquascape in the contest.
The tank had much more potential in it but i did not hat a chance to make it perfect.

Few note for myself: next time i will not keep any siamese algae eater in the tank. 2 of them killed almost every moss in this tank. For photo i will use studio light next time. :D

Anyway was a good time time to rescape this beast. Loved the jungle green color of it. :angelic:
Tom said:
Very nice Viktor - it looks so nice on the enlarged version on Flickr on the dark background, it's a much crisper image than on here :) I didn't see your Apistogramma until I saw the big version too!

Thanks Tom, yup the larger photos shows some strength and weakness too of this tank. Not just the Apisto. ;)
But that's it. I am glad you like it. ;)

Nigro said:
IAPLC 2010 Rank: 835

I was inspired by this grass field :thumbup:
Wow Viktor, truly spectacular stuff. Congratulations mate, excellent interpretation and beautifully executed. I think that's what people fail to consider when reviewing the results of these contests; that the tanks are being judges not just for their emotional appeal, which is at a visceral level, but also on the execution of the interpretation of an idea, which is much more on an intellectual level. Well done mate. :thumbup:

viktorlantos said:
Allright since the party is over i may can share it now. I had this tank in a much better shape too, but on the photo shooting this is how it turned out.

Nr. 96.

Well, you beat the entire UK by a marathon and then some... Well done! :D

Or rather it is that you beat so many Japanese and other far-eastern entries that is more impressive. They are on the whole still the best and to come 96 out of 2000 odd is so very brilliant. As I am writing this I cant actually see your scape as it is blocked (at work). So I can not give a personal critique... like that means anything lol.
Cheers guys, thank you for all of your nice words. This year i was the lucky guy ;)
But at the end this, it is all for fun. Growing nice tanks, maintain them, sharing here and there and having great discussion about it, inspired by others etc.

Still many stuff to learn and i am glad we have great communities like UKAPS which is a huge help to everyone, not just for beginners, but for those guys who spend a much more time with this hobby. Without these communities this would not work. And i spent most of my time here in the past years. The prize was my first harvest of this knowledge ;)

Too hard on yourself there Victor its a fine looking aquascape :thumbup:

Anyway here's me - rank 49 in IAPLC 2010.

Spec on this tank:

Dimensions: The tank is ancient and fit for the skip really, I did worry about it tbh, in inches it measures 28Lx12Dx14H so about 70x30x35 in cms - 73.5 litres

Filtration Tetratec EX1200

Light period was 8 hours per day with 3x24W T5's, the light was raised 6-8 inches above the tank and I used a mist atomizer for CO2.


Eleocharis parvula
E. Vivipara
Long leaf fern
Bolbitis heudelotii
Java and Spikey moss

Substrate is JBL Monado with Osmocote granules mixed in.

The hardscape is locally collected driftwood with grey seiryu rocks.

I had no major problems with the layout during the growout phase really . The foreground had to be trimmed several times to keep it somewhat compact, the E. vivipara grew like wildfire and had to be trimmed frequently, a bit too frequently tbh it became a pain after a while. The depth of the tank was quite restrictive though and two of the main branches on the LHS are actually touching the glass.

The before and after shots. The rocks were changed around slightly and the wood hardscape was pushed more forward towards the front glass for the final positioning, this is the closest image I have of it beforehand, the other elements, extra branch twigs etc were added a good bit later on probably after a month or so.