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Where to buy in the North West.

I know, Its really interesting listening to him on the Q&A sessions on FB about his experiences.
He gets some really interesting and quality fish in.
Bit of an update, including Covid implications.
Abyss - now really going for it with plants, large area dedicated to plant dry goods, healthy stock of Tropica plants (and 12grow, and the packaged plants). Pricing now much more competitive (used to be slightly dearer than others)
Pier - livestock great, plants not so
P@H Stockport - big display tank long gone, aquarium stuff now much slimmed down. Dry packaged Tropica plants only.
P@H Ashton - the packaged Tropica plants only
P@H Glossop - unlike Stockport and Ashton they have Tropica pots (rather than the dry packaged plants)
Maidenhead Ashton - not as good as it used to be, poor selection of plants
Maidenhead Woodford - good source of livestock, small stock of good plants
Fishrooms Poynton - small but healthy selection of plants
Swell - you can now visit to view rather than just collect, but not at the moment due to C19
Gay Lyffe - closed its doors a couple of years ago
The Jungle, Buxton - last time I visited I vowed never to visit again. I've been good to my word.

I also note Java have relocated to Stockport. Just around the corner from Abyss. Don't appear to have a showroom or ability to collect in person sadly.
Where would be the best place to visit to hand-pick hardscape materials? I live in Sale (M33), looking at a visit perhaps to Abyss or Pier.