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Where to buy otos


22 Apr 2013
Been looking for otos in local fish shops and none have any,just wonderd if anyone knows of any online breeders here or anywhere else
bought mine at maidenhead in york not that long ago, not too far from you if you are heading that way, and if they still have any
which shops did you try? see ottos in most of the ones i've been too in the last week even in P@H
Beverly garden centre,ings lane,christal clear,frisbys only ones i havent tried is kkc and pets at home. If anyone has marine tanks kkc in hessle is unreal,the amount live stuff they have is incredible
you're kidding that the MA in Beverly and ings lane had no Ottos! when i was in there not too long back probably only 2 weeks each had loads! must be popular at the moment!
Have you noticed at all with beverly garden centre that the plants and the planted tank have gone down hill dramataclly.shame as they have a guy there that i know and he really seems to know his stuff on plants.
the times I've been, they've had nice looking mother plants, but not a massive selection of the rest and the selection has been dropping... i might just not be visiting close to delivery times though....
Tbh im more for ings lane now for plants as they buy off tropica and if you ask they will let you know when they get a delivery in,i got some more cuba and it was massive. Where abouts are you,im in hessle
I'm soon to be looking for mosses and the only place I've seen them in a shop in is in Ings lane! they seem to have a much better selection there and the staff although relatively young seem to know their stuff and seem interested in the job!

I'm in East Hull, so nowhere is particularly out the way! normally make an afternoon of going to the three shops on the way to Beverly, the misses like to have a look at the plants and crafts and i get to look at the fish!
Kesgrave Tropicals in Ipswich are stocking dwarf otos and you can buy them from their ebay site and they will ship. They have a nice selection of fish on their page aswell. Have not bought online from them because i only live 25 minutes from them but i can confirm that their fish are healthy and they stock some nice rarer fish now and then. There is a beautiful Green Phantom Pleco on sale there. The dwarf otos are reasonably priced too. Cherry shrimps i think were £2 a pop aswell, nice prices.

Equipment, Snails and Shrimps Molluscs items in Kesgrave Tropicals store on eBay!
If it helps, saw a few available at Rats, Cats & Elephants just outside Ipswich on the A12, earlier today. Didn't see a price though.

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I used to frequent RCE alot when i started out my discus tank years back as i liked some of the dither fish they had. I remember buying my first rummy noses from there. Not a bad little shop. Ive been meaning to have a look at Viking aquatics in ipswich as well. As for me, im happy with the otos i have :).