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Which has more impact?

Which has more impact?

  • A full journal, start to finish with every minor detail included

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • Concise step-by-step in one thread, start to finish

    Votes: 9 52.9%
  • Just final photos, multiple artistic angles etc

    Votes: 3 17.6%

  • Total voters


8 Sep 2007
Kawanabe, Kagoshima, Japan 鹿児島県南九州市川辺町
For me I think it's a combination of 2 and 3. I like the artistic and photographic sides, but also like to see how the hardscape came together. Full journals for me ruin the suspense - there's not as much "wow" when the aquascaper finally reveals their last photos, as you've already seen similar ones throughout the thread. I suppose it's like the ADA competition too, the way that you only get to see the scapes once the book is out. You don't think "yeah, seen it a hundred times already, move on".

Am I strange? :rolleyes:
I think I agree with you Tom, although I'm not as worried about ruining the suspense. If it's something unusual, e.g. creating beaches, etc., I'm interested to see photos of how the substrate is built up. Same goes for any unusual (to me ;)) hardware, e.g. external reactors, filter glassware, clever augmentation of lights, etc. I'm certainly interested to see the tank with just the hardscape and then how it looks when it's first planted.

Plus lists of plants, ferts, etc.

I lose hours reading them all ;)
Depends what you trying to achieve really, in my case I have no final date for completion of my tank and don't plan a full rescape, so its an ongoing tank journal, where I share my experiences and learn from feedback and hopefully someone that reads my journal can learn something from it too.
LondonDragon said:
where I share my experiences and learn from feedback and hopefully someone that reads my journal can learn something from it too.

1 of the reasons i post so much LD. if i didnt the henge wouldnt look the way it does now....
I love reading the warts n' all journals, but I'm far too lazy to make one myself.

Seeing things come together in stages is great for learning about placement, and how plants grow, so if I had a choice, I'd want to see everything :)
I like journals with all of the details because I like to see all of the plants that are used, fish, stats, how the scape has evolved and the original hardscape etc, just to give me inspiration and more knowledge.

I think journals are more for long-term kinda scapes, whereas final photos are more for people like yourself and George who churn out loads of scapes in a short time.
It may be a drag sometimes to read the long winded minor details journals but I think they are the best ones. They show you all minor changes and also all the problems etc.

I like the fact that we've got all 3.

I love the final shots of people's tanks, they always looks so stunning, but once you've seen that sometimes it's nice to see how they got to that stage. Either 1 or 2 can provide that.

1 offers hope to people like myself who are still just starting out and are pulling the resources and skills together slowly but surely. It shows how others have done the same and offers ideas about various problems.

2 can show how to re-create an effect but you lose some of the transition and background info. Often 2 is a part of 1, cropping up here and there in between the warts and all account.

I update my journal in an irregular manner, spurts and bursts depending on what's been going on in my life and how much time I have to dedicate to the tank/internet! (which reminds me I really need to take some more photos and do a mini update... not least because I have some ideas for change and the last photos look nothing like the tank currently sitting in my room!)

Following a journal like Mark's is very different, you feel much more involved with what's going on (even though I tend to lurk more than post!) and every step is associated with its own discussion and debate. Everyone has something worthwhile to add and watching how the 'scape forms is fascinating :)

So I go with everyone posting what they have the time and inclination to post. If you like to see dramatic final effects then look at the final photos section and if you want to find out about the 'making of' then head on over to the journals and see if you can find it there.

At the end of the day if you prefer journals to be more 2 style than 1 then you can always skim a 1 type journal. ;)

*edit* though having just read the question, Which has more impact? It's depends on your definition of impact. If you mean 'hard hitting' then it'll be 3, people will always be more likely to go wow at a stunning photo. If however you mean impact in the same sense as researchers define impact - spawns the most papers, gets read by the most people, gets you the most acknowledgement, then I'd say 1, something that's updated frequently and sticks in people's minds is always going to produce most references and copy cats.