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Recent content by banthaman.jm

  1. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted

    Hey George, the tank is coming along very well, just thinking back to what it was looking like, 100 fold better :thumbup: Jim
  2. banthaman.jm

    Advice on the Juwel Rio 180...

    The tank is coming along very nicely, plants and fish looking really healthy. I have nerite snails, they are great at tank cleaning and have great patterns, plus they are cheap to buy from LFS or eBay. Did you end up adding shrimp? Jim
  3. banthaman.jm

    My Grandsons fish - frog tanks - Wabi-Kusa

    Great design, he should feel really proud of his tank, can't wait for the updates :thumbup: Jim
  4. banthaman.jm

    All gear but no idea

    Nice, looking forward to seeing it planted. Jim
  5. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted

    Hey George, good to see your tank coming on :thumbup:. Keep up with the posts as I'm keen to see how it matures. Jim
  6. banthaman.jm

    Its a stick up

    The tank is coming along nicely Halley, looking forward to some close up soon. Jim
  7. banthaman.jm

    Neon Hill

    The tank is looking really healthy. Manado is a very light substrate, I have never siphoned it, well tried once and sucked up a load of it. All I do is wave my hand back and forth to stir up the detritus while holding the siphoning tube. Jim
  8. banthaman.jm

    new setup

    Looking really good Kenan :thumbup: Jim
  9. banthaman.jm

    Starting point 40 cm Cube ""A touch of red""

    Excellent tank :clap:
  10. banthaman.jm

    50l of Stones and Grass

    Tank is looking fantastic and great photos :thumbup: Jim
  11. banthaman.jm

    My Set Up

    Nice Worshiper :thumbup: Jim
  12. banthaman.jm

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    UK APS, U KAPS sounds a bit gangster....
  13. banthaman.jm

    Forest Dreams - The fairy tale continues...

    Great tank Alex, watching to see how this evolves :thumbup: Ps nothing wrong with Manado apart from being on the light side Jim
  14. banthaman.jm

    Disobedience II (temporary name)

    Watching :thumbup: Jim
  15. banthaman.jm

    Starting point-- The Rock

    Totally cool tank Roy, watching with great interest :thumbup: Jim