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Recent content by ian_m

  1. ian_m

    Is an air stone necessary ?

    I found that running an air-stone, quickly degasses CO2 at the end of CO2/lighting period and more interesting results in a cleaner tank due to producing different water flows that lifts any settled detritus into the tank to be filtered away. I turn my air on for 3 hours at starting 15minutes...
  2. ian_m

    Watercooling pump as pump ?

    Just have to be careful as some pumps are designed to "push" water far far better than they can pull. In fish world it is better to "pull" after the filter so you are pumping cleaner water.
  3. ian_m

    Does anyone have an indoor carnivorous plant garden?

    Worth a visit on their open days, it you are in this area of the country. They have regular open days. I went round with hands in pockets, so I didn't touch/prod anything I shouldn't and to stop my wallet escaping and emptying...:D Carnivorous Plants | Venus Fly Traps - Hantsflytrap
  4. ian_m

    incase a hose pops off and floods your house.....

    I have stainless jubillee clips on my diffuser rather than the lock nuts, as I had a "pop off" incident whilst fiddling adjusting hoses once.
  5. ian_m

    Water Trickling Back into CO2 Lines

    The problem with the one in your picture is they are meant for air and are not CO2 proof. I have had the rubber valve inside just crack and fall apart, as well as in some the rubber just melt and melt closed, as well as the plastic case leak due to high pressure of CO2. Been using the metal ones...
  6. ian_m

    Garden lights shorting out - Ants

    Outdoor lights & power should always be run from a separate mini consumer unit, so if there is an issue it wont affect the rest of the power to the house. Something like with can take a 6A RCBO (combined over current trip and RCD) for the lights and 16A RCBO for any power sockets. Also...
  7. ian_m

    Garden lights shorting out - Ants

    This is what I had to fit to my garage door. Sorry for crap pic. We kept getting flooding of our garage once every couple of years. Previous years due to collapsed/blocked Southern Water storm drains, but last year Southern Water admitted it was due to "hydraulic overload" ie drains couldn't...
  8. ian_m

    Garden lights shorting out - Ants

    This fails electrical safety in so many ways... Use of chocolate block connectors outdoors without water protection. No sealing grommets. Non weather tight box. Use of insulation tape. Use of indoor rated 2.5mm (?) cable outdoors. Not using armoured cable. Thank goodness for RCDs. I did my...
  9. ian_m

    Olympus is Calling.

    Uneven floor and big tank. Hmmm.
  10. ian_m

    Lighting suggestions for Juwel Vision 180

    I very much doubt you will find any other lights that fit this tank, the light unit looks very specific for this type of tank. May be able to bodge/DIY something with LED strips or LED spots, certainly not fluorescent tubes (or equivalent LEDs') as even the smallest tube is too big for this...
  11. ian_m

    Cheap reliable auto doser?

    Or make your own dosing pump system like I did. DIY Project - DIY dual peristaltic dosing pump with alternate switching. Originally I used two timers, one for each pump. Then updated with alternate switching circuit so only one timer could be used. Finally updated to be controlled via my PLC...
  12. ian_m

    Reuse the disposable nano co2 cylinders?

    You don't have to store your CO2 bottle/fire extinguisher near your tank of course. Some people have stored the cylinders in their garage and run 4mm CO2 tubing under the floor/along the skirting board to their tanks, with no issues. Just have to think very carefully when doing it, as if you...
  13. ian_m

    Holiday care for planted Tanks

    15ml White HDPE Travel Bottle & Screw Cap - Ampulla - 0161 367 1414 I bought loads of these to use to store food an ferts in. Still using them, as you can put shampoo, mouthwash and other liquids in when you fly away for short breaks. Flying abroad...any one remember that....
  14. ian_m

    Holiday care for planted Tanks

    In 2012 I would have been away for about 5 weeks, 3 weeks away + week either side. My first pass was to place fish food and measured fertiliser doses in little bottles, labelled for each day away and neighbour drop in and empty one food and one fertiliser bottle per day. Would have left CO2...
  15. ian_m

    Is there any difference between the color of the lights for planted tank?

    Commercial hydroponic/greenhouse growers use lights at the pink/red end of the spectrum: This produces the most grams plant mass per Watt input power. Not wasting energy in producing higher energy blue light that makes little difference to plant growth. Not wasting energy in producing any green...