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  • Hi Ian. Saw your comments on check valves for dosing pumps that have 2 rollers. I'm thinking of buying a Jecod DP3 and I suspect, because of it's price, it will only have two rollers. Can you offer me advice on the correct check valves to buy and where in the system they should be fitted. (I'm assuming on the inlet side of the pump)
    Hi Ian. You gave me some excellent advise on lighting my juwel vision 180 a while ago. I'm just wondering out of the juwel lights which combination do you prefer for growing plants? I know the kelvin rating doesn't really matter for growth but which do you think gives best results? Day, colour, nature or a combination of them?
    Thank you for responding to my post on upgrading lights. Please could you tell me if I have enough flow on my 180? I have the usual juwel filter with a powerhead rated at 600 lph and an external eheim rated at 500 lph. Both filters are fitted with coarse sponges so they don't clog up and restrict flow with just some filter floss on the top to catch debris. Is this enough flow?
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