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    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Very nice picture George...
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    My new scape named Variance.Sneaky pre-ADA peak.

    Re: My new scape named Variance. Very nice tank.
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    Congratulations Peter! Definitely well deserved!
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    How/Where did you hear about

    I heard from George and Tom Barr, when the idea of UKAPS was first introduced on TFF.
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    Jimbooo's 450L / 100G high tech journal

    That was some very bad algae! But now it looks great, I like the algae which coats the wood, it looks very natural.
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    Lilies in a heated conservatory

    Great pics. The lilies are spectacular, if only I had my own heated victorian conservatory...
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    Echinodorus latifolius

    When I grew E. latifolius, I simply removed the largest leaves from the plants and then let new smaller leaves grow, if you do this frequently the plant seems to become more compact.
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    dkH drops with time?

    Yes, biogenic decalcification I believe, Vallis is a typical plant species which use this.
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    Some of my best photos

    Great pictures and a lovely tank you have their. I love the contrast between the pale sand and the black background, I think it enhances the green on the plants. I know what you mean, although really fish stores should be able to tell C. sterbai and C. trillineatus apart, however I can...
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    A Few Pics from my Low Tech Tanks

    You have some brilliant tanks, I especially like the 90 litre. You also have a very nice cory collection, can I ask how much the C. weitzmani cost?
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    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Very impressive, I love those rocks, there aren't any good rocks where I live... You seem to have a very similar choice of plants to me, in my next tank, most of the plants you mention I will be keeping.
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    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    The growth of the E. tennelus is just amazing, so dense and tall. The whole tank would look better with a group of Altums.
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    Sam's now to be high light 20g

    That looks brilliant sam, your best yet IMO. The L. repens is cool too.
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    ADA gallery

    I must have seen the ADA gallery all the way through from all the different videos and pictures, but I still never tire of seeing them.
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    George's 80cm - final shots

    I agree, surely some algae can look like lichen on mountain rocks, you dont get many rocks in nature which are surrounded by plants but with no life directly on them.