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Recent content by ScottYalloP

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    Interesting Ambition Ideas?

    I always think riot police is a good and intresting ambition coppers on channel 4 also has some good footage of a riot that you could include. Me personaly think armed response is better thats my ambition ;)
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    Cant think of a witty title

    sweet marine ive just set mine up. Do u have any pics of the equiptment ?
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    Aquariums ltd

    just out of intrest i know aquariums ltd tanks are great but has anyone bought a sump from them?
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    PFK Website Compromised

    well im screwd :|
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    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    sweet :thumbup:
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    mini tornado

    Whilst working in a river the other day with college it started to rain so we took shelter in a hut just after we took shelter the wind picked up WIND + RAIN = NO SIGHT not good the news said it was aroun 100 mph wind, it lasted just about 2 minutes once it finished we took a walk around the...
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    250G High Tech Tank

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    Sounds like a plan Dam i cant find the other 1 ! :jawdrop
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    there were 2 of them i managed to get one but not the other, they didn't seem to bother the shrimp at all.
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    i was cleaning out the shrimp tank today and came across this : i have no idea what this is, also it can move and i suppose live out the water. Anyideas?!
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    DIY amazon root

    great looking!
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    If u need any help i could probably help out on the friday!
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    250G High Tech Tank

    Sounds promising :thumbup:
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    tropic fish farming

    no doesn't have to be just tropical any kind of fish farming. Thanks for the info :thumbup:
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    tropic fish farming

    For my college course i have an assignment on fish farming, didn't know if anybody could supply some info on tropical fish farming in the UK?