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  1. J

    Which Nano Tank?

    I am going to be getting a Nano tank or building one myself soon that will be able to fit within my Ikea Expedit or Bonde bookshelf.* Hoping to do a small aquascape in there and intend to have a single betta and maybe a shrimp or two. I already have a betta that I bought but her shipment has...
  2. matt

    120x60x25cm Diy acrylic tank

    Plants and substrate arrive tomorrow:happy:
  3. Andy Thurston

    Anyone ever made an acrylic tank?

    I'm thinking about making a huge tank for my clown loach, nothing special, std braced tank with a hood Has anyone made an acrylic tank? Are there any good guides for making them? Any calculators for acrylic thickness etc Anybody know the std sheet sizes for acrylic?
  4. tim

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Hi folks, I've been missing my nano of late ( mostly the low cost of rescaping when you've had enough :-) ) so it's back out of storage. The specs 12 ltr clear seal tank 11w clip on light 150 ltr an hour mini external filter with acrylic in/ outflow pipes Unipac Senegal sand Dragon stone and...