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Blue jelly island :-) journal finished


22 Aug 2011
Hi folks,
I've been missing my nano of late ( mostly the low cost of rescaping when you've had enough 🙂 ) so it's back out of storage.
The specs 12 ltr clear seal tank
11w clip on light
150 ltr an hour mini external filter with acrylic in/ outflow pipes
Unipac Senegal sand
Dragon stone and manzanita wood hardscape.
Had a little play around earlier and this is as far as I got today

I will be looking to plant over the Easter weekend.
Any comments suggestions improvements to the hardscape most appreciated 🙂
Cheers for looking.
Looks really good as it is to me!
If I were to be hyper critical the central most stone is a little too 'textureless' compared to the others....but hey, it may end up covered in plants anyway 😉 it's a great hardscape none the less, it has a good feel and is well balanced...the more I look at it the more I like it actually, the wood positioning is perfect, it really draws you around the tank and adds good depth 🙂
Really like the look of that Senegal sand too....don't think I've seen it before, goes really well with the dragon stone and the manzy.
Have you though of a plant list yet?
I'm guessing the journal title refers to the shrimp inhabitants it will be getting?
Hi ady, thanks for the like 🙂 it will indeed be getting blue jellys 🙂 I see what you mean about that rock it's very flat, i shall have a look through see if i can replace that, plant list so far bolbitus and a mini microsorum I purchased from piece of fish a while back need splitting up, I got some anchor moss which was on its last legs free from my lfs a few days ago, maybe see how that goes maybe some anubias bonsai about as far as I've got again open to suggestions 🙂 wont be using co2 or liquid carbon so limited plants wise.
Love it mate, looking really good that hardscape! You could stick some fissidens to the front centre rock.

This will be a great little setup, let me know if you want some weeping moss, I've got lots of it. Don't want anything for it though.
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Thanks nath, fissiedens good call may see if I can get hold of some of the fox variety you have in your setup, may take you up on the offer of that weeping moss 🙂 cheers mate.

Im glad your looking for the fox variety. I will get you a pic tomorrow of the two side by side. What a difference!!

Normal fissidens in low tech appears messy, large and a limey green in comparison to the rich dark green of the fox variety.

People claim it is exactly the same moss. Which it definitely isn't. I don't get fast enough growth to offer much of this, but Let me see what I can do buddy.

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Looks good to me for what it's worth.
How many pieces of wood is that, and are they just buried in there or joined somehow?
Realised yesterday I will struggle to get a plant order here by the weekend due to the bank holidays 🙁 and not being one to look at an empty tank for long 🙂 few cuttings from other tanks and I have this

Some of the plants will stay some will be replaced just thought I'd try and get a feel for the look once planted.
Feedback most appreciated any changes to the hardscape plant positions etc will be adding moss and I'm thinking eleocharis mini just to accent the rocks at the front.
Cheers for looking in 🙂
Tim,about time i commented on one of your setups mate. I think this looks really tidy and well laid out. The island looks good to me,love the combination of Manzi and Dragon stone.As Nath said, fissedens fox will look good on the front rocks.Cant wait to see the blue jellies in there.Well done mate:clap:

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Thanks lindy & Martin 🙂
Had a little time on my hands today so popped to lfs as you do and spotted some shrimp they had labeled blue pearl out of curiosity asked them to have a look at their order sheet for the Latin name and they were neocardinia hetrapoda blue jelly. So I bought 4 to start off stocking drip acclimatising them for a few hours will try and get some pics of them this evening.