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Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

Go carefull with the superglue,it would bring a whole new meaning to the term "green fingered" :)

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Ah, that may make it a little difficult then...:lol: Are you able to source males or will you just get some different shrimp, as you said you might before? You could get some nice tiger shrimp or CRS, if you like them.:)
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Sharnbrook shrimp( one of our sponsors) sell these so a few more from them should give me at least a couple of males but I am very tempted by some red tigers from freshwater shrimp ( also one of our sponsors). Maybe I should get both overstock the tank and convince my long suffering wife to let me have another tank to give the shrimp a better quality of life :)
Haha, that's the spirit! "Oops, I appear to have ordered 3000 shrimp. What a shame, I'll have to get another few tanks.....":twisted: :lol: I like how you've used different colours in this tank. Someting different from the usual reds and whites!
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Couple of weeks in starting to get some fungus on the wood, diatoms here and there, fuzz algae on the leaves of a crypt so will continue daily water changes for another couple weeks to resolve the issues. Light may be to high so will maybe have to address this.

Hc still looking healthy not spreading much so don't see it being a long term plant in here peacock moss is showing signs of growth really not keen on the white marks left by the superglue, fishing line or the yoghurt method for me in future.

Cheers :)
Hi folks, tanks still ticking along no further with adding more shrimp, been fairly manic at work so will be a couple more weeks probably, had a diatom outbreak so the light is now hung from the cupboard above the tank

Not the most attractive solution but its working plants are all still growing albeit slowly and the shrimp are starting to colour up a little more. All in all a month the tanks heading in the right direction.
Cheers for looking.
Tim, congrats on getting the tank on ukaps facebook page.I'll have to get some more pictures on here of the cherry tank, its coming on nicely.