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  1. Lauris

    Dragons Den

    Hellooo all, It has been a while since I have been here. Due to studies and my job and my time, that I can spare with my family, I had no space for this up till now. 18 months of break with 1 failed DSM (due to no time) in between and I'm back on the track again. Still with the same size of a...
  2. saifali

    2015 Dragonstone / Driftwood setup - Help

    Hello all , I am new to tanks . I plan on doing a extreme tank setup . I had revamped this tank as before it was filled with colorful gravel , ornaments. I tried a simple look here with rocks ( tried the Iwagumi style ) along with Driftwood log piece and 3 real plants. Now , if any of you...
  3. Robertus van Tilburg


    My name is Robertus. I have been keeping aquariums for over 30 years now. Some of you might know me (Robertus-Reeftanks.nl) During that time I always had freshwater setups. Now I have become more active in the aquascaping direction. I will open a thread with my latest iwagumi setup called...
  4. nduli

    Tmc signature rocky outcrop low tech.

    Finally managed to buy and install my 60cm signature. Spent the morning installing hardscape. Tank details: Tmc signature 60*45*45 Glacier white cabinet Filter: jbl 1501 Heater: hydor inline Lighting: The Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Freshwater OTL Over Tank Lamp. CS60f Substrate: akadama...
  5. Reidy

    From Marine to Planted

    OK so today i underwent the 1st stages of the change, i have emptied my tank and had a real good clean out this took nearly 4 hours lol, all algae etc has been removed. After this i have broken down my canister filter (fluval 405), removed all media and carbon etc and all compartments are now...
  6. tim

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Hi folks, I've been missing my nano of late ( mostly the low cost of rescaping when you've had enough :-) ) so it's back out of storage. The specs 12 ltr clear seal tank 11w clip on light 150 ltr an hour mini external filter with acrylic in/ outflow pipes Unipac Senegal sand Dragon stone and...