ada mini m

  1. CooKieS

    Simple nature aquarium - 36x22x26

    Hi, Launched this scape for a friend yesterday; Optiwhite 36x22x26cm approx 6gallons Asia wood Seiryu stones Ada amazonia Tropica powder Jbl mineral soil Sunsun filter Chihiros A series 360 Pressurised CO2 Glass lily pipes Fissidens fontanus Marsilea crenata Rotala green Rotala rotundifolia...
  2. Stu Worrall

    Stu's ADA Mini M nano - Seiryu scape

    Hi All. Long time no scape! As the wedding season has now tailed off I decided to re-do my nano with some seiryu Ive had for a few years but never used. Specs Tank: ADA Cube Garden Mini M - 36x22x26cm / 5mm optiwhite glass Hardscape: Seiryu Stone Co2: Pressurised via Do!Aqua Music Glass -...