1. Hanuman

    Akadama and ADA Amazonia

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had ever tried using both substrates in the same tank, one capping the other. Not sure if that would make any sense but curious to know if some people did and if it had any benefits? Thanks
  2. nduli


    evening guys Can anyone recommend a decent uk hydroponics forum? Going to try chillies in 2litre bottles with the kids but thinking of trying a guttering system in the garden to try tomatoes and lettuce just after a support network as good as ukaps. :) If anyone has done hydroponics before...
  3. J

    Jagz`s Iwagumi

    So then, i think i should do a journal for this scape so this is the start of it, Ok so i have had a 24x15x15 optiwhite rimless braceless tank for a while now and have only had one scape in it and this is it But i have always wanted to do a iwagumi so guess what, last week i sold all plants...
  4. nduli

    Tmc signature rocky outcrop low tech.

    Finally managed to buy and install my 60cm signature. Spent the morning installing hardscape. Tank details: Tmc signature 60*45*45 Glacier white cabinet Filter: jbl 1501 Heater: hydor inline Lighting: The Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Freshwater OTL Over Tank Lamp. CS60f Substrate: akadama...