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20 Jul 2009
Birmingham , Uk
So then, i think i should do a journal for this scape so this is the start of it,

Ok so i have had a 24x15x15 optiwhite rimless braceless tank for a while now and have only had one scape in it and this is it

But i have always wanted to do a iwagumi so guess what, last week i sold all plants accept the HC ready for the new scape so i began

Setup includes
- 24x15x15 optiwhite with frosted backing
Filter - APS 1400 EF
Co2 - 5kg Bottle with reg though a up atomiser
Light - DsunY controllable LED
Heater - Hydor inline 200w
Substrate - Akadama
Hardscape - Dragon stone
Ferts - James EI Dosing along side liquid carbon
Livestock - Amano shrimp, assasin snails (fish tbc)
Plants - Hemianthus callitrichoides, Blyxa Japonica

So the scape was all done the other night and planted all on the same day as the strip down, so these are pics from that night, ill try to kee pics going with the progress.

Hope you enjoy this as much as i am for now


Thanks for looking


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thank you greenfinger2 that was my first proper scape but just let it fill in and it was a little overgrown when i sold the plants so give the buyer a bit more bang for buck lol.

dunno what has happened to my pictures now,they are on as links but was only as images
thank you troels , yea i love all the green scape too, with my old scape the pics at the top i had the lights on 60% whites and 30% blues, but this gave it a very purpleish look to the eye but even more purple on picture, as my iwagumi is at the mo it is the same 60% white and 30% blue, but im going to be dropping the blue to either 10% or 0% and up the white slightly that way i think the greens will pop even more
i really need to invest in some lily pipe me thinks
Yeah aquascaping is addictive and costly, wish I had the money for a proper tank light and all. Gotta work more

Sendt fra min LG-D620 med Tapatalk
Yeah aquascaping is addictive and costly, wish I had the money for a proper tank light and all. Gotta work more

Sendt fra min LG-D620 med Tapatalk

it sure is mate, slow and steady wins the race lol

im sure you will do great just like the first scape. keep up the updates


thank you ryan, yea the first scape was just sort of put together and the plant placement kept moving and i could get the stem plants how i wanted them, i then knew i was selling the plants so i let it all just grow in a bit to help with the selling, and i sure will keep updates coming i wanna keep a eye on the progress

A very convincing iwagumi imo. :thumbup:
thank you dantrasy , i hope it grows in as i can see it in my head,

looking for opinions on what livestock to add, as in fish wise ill be putting the amanos and assasins back in once it is ready but what are peoples thoughts on some small fish maybe tetras or danios or rasboras, whats peoples views

Time for a update me thinks,

things are moving along slowly, just continuing water changes and dosing, and things are looking ok, can see runners from the HC and the gaps look to be closing between each clump,
you can also see the improvement in the blyxa too

i did move my amanos and assasins back in but they kept pulling up my hc, so they have been moved back out, to allow for the plants to root before i move the back

so here is a few pics from a few nights ago




Thank you greenfinger2 getting there slowly