1. F

    When to prune Alternanthera reineckii ‘pink’

    My 35l tank has been running for a couple of weeks now and the Alternanthera reineckii ‘pink’ is already growing out of the water. I’d read that you shouldn’t prune for a good few weeks to allow the plants to become established, but they’ve doubled in size and have roots growing from most...
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    BIG & beautiful!

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    Only £9.74 each

    for a very limited time we have the amazing Alternanthera reineckii Red XXL on sale or whilst stocks last. So if you're interested in adding some colour and some size into your aquarium now is the time :)
  4. Harplow

    My first time

    juwel vision 450 lt planted out November 2014 , took this Jan 2015
  5. J

    No quintaessence.

    Just presenting my new nano tank. Its in growing process. Hopefully I will be updating it as the echinodorus tennellus carpet grows in. Uploads/20141218_120629_zps8c357f2d.jpg By the way, has anyone noticed the echinodorus...
  6. Aqua Essentials

    Look at this BEAUTY!

    Just loving the colours on this terrific stem plant.