1. doylecolmdoyle

    Qanvee M1 Out-Tank Co2 Atomizer

    I ordered one of these newer style inline atomizers from ali-express, cost about $20 AUD delivered, it arrived today, I will use this thread to review the co2 atomizer, first post is just an unboxing and photos, will try get this installed over the weekend and review on its performance compaired...
  2. Cor

    which diffuser/ atomizer/ reactor?

    In my run for a new nano tank (30L) I have some stuff to buy. So I've got myself a Dennerle CO2 Primus 160 set, 500 g disposable bottles, with a Mini-Flipper. But this flipper is one ugly thing and oversized for my nano. Is it possible to use another diffuser / atomizer / reactor? I suppose...
  3. J

    No quintaessence.

    Just presenting my new nano tank. Its in growing process. Hopefully I will be updating it as the echinodorus tennellus carpet grows in. Uploads/20141218_120629_zps8c357f2d.jpg By the way, has anyone noticed the echinodorus...

    Original UP New Inline CO2 Atomizer Diffuser System Available now on CO2Art!

    Hello, Great news! We are first in UK to have Original UP Latest (Released in February 2014) Inline CO2 Atomizer for sale! UP decided to change design slightly so now you will be able to clean it very easy or change hose attachment nuts so if you decide to buy bigger / smaller filter you don't...
  5. Antoni

    Fluval co2 ceramic diffuser, Up aqua atomizer and solenoids

    HI all, probably has been discussed before, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have bought the Fluval ceramic co2 diffuser few months back and installed it on my nano tank. It has been working great and I thought is a great piece of kit, until I decided to use one on my 60 cm...