1. Elxiia

    Eek is the BGA?

    1. 30 Litres day 35 2. Back sump filtration with course sponge, 2lts seachem matrix, filter floss, purigen and eheim compact on 300 pump 3. Chihiros C301 LED light 14W 1500lm 7 hours a day 4. ADA power sand basic 1L Amazonia v2 soil. 5. Co2 diffuser to recommended (drop checker help). 6. Green...
  2. jaypeecee

    Lighting and Cyanobacteria (BGA)

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may have seen a thread I started a few weeks ago: In the process of reading many articles and scientific papers on the subject of Cyanobacteria (aka Cyano), I looked into Cyano's need for...
  3. jaypeecee

    Cyanobacteria Identification - At Last!

    Hi Folks, Like many other aquarists, I have had cyanobacteria (aka 'BGA') grow in my tanks. And I started reading about this stuff. Of course, I initially thought BGA was algae. Why else would it be known as BGA (Blue-Green Algae)? But I later discovered that it's not an algae at all. It's a...
  4. D

    Tank falling from grace.

    Hello, My tank was going in the right direction but over the last 5 months it's spiralling out of control. I've been battling for months to try and rectify it back to its former glory. I'm not running CO2 and has been a low tank from day one. Cyano is a cruel beast and I just can't get rid of...
  5. Myrio

    Algae ID

    Hi all! Could someone tell me the name of these algae? Most of my plants have their older leaves covered with these dark green algae. Maybe GSA? I think I should dose more P and probably N too, because there are also some GBA on the tops of Ludwigia Cuba and Syngonanthus.
  6. Kezzab

    Cyanobacteria - black outs

    Hi - suffering with cyanobacteria in the my hi-tech nano tank. Just done a 3 day black out and it's worked well, but not all gone and it's creeping back. How long could i safely leave the tank blacked out for without killing the plants? (crypts, anubias, AR mini) Also, what's causing it? The...
  7. Zak Rafik

    Attacked by Algae in my planted tank. BBA / BGA / GSA - Help!

    Hi eveyone, This morning I noticed in my tank, 3 types of algae. Black Brush Algae -BBA Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) -BGA Green Spot Algae -GSA For the first time, my 255 liter tank is being attacked at a large scale. Usually, the algae problems would be at a selected spot and would go...
  8. Willie B. Thomas

    Help with identifying Algae

    Hello, I need some help from the group to identify some algae that has started to grow in a new aquarium. Maybe more important now can I stop it / kill it! The tank was setup 21 days ago, and for the first 2 weeks I did 50% water changes 2 times a week. I'm using a 50/50 mix of tap and RO...
  9. Jimmy Dale

    Treatment of Cyanobacteria with Erythromycin.

    Hi all. I recently had some joy treating cyano with the antibiotic Erythromycin. I did this as a last resort after having no joy with increasing nitrates and night time aeration. I also purchased Easy Life's "Blue Exit" for eliminating Cyano. I am a fan of Easylife products but I found this one...
  10. Bufo Bill

    Hear me brag, then give me advice (please)!

    Hi I have good news from my nano tank. I had planted a large piece of bog wood with mini fern and Christmas moss, the substrate was planted with interesting Crypts, and all went well for a month with the tank run as a no ferts job. Anyway, this week I had a small patch of BGA on the Christmas...