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  1. shangman

    Journal Shangman’s Crystal Ball

    I’ve been dreaming for a while of trying a marine tank, ever since I first saw the <beautiful macroalgae-focused tanks of TigahBoy>. And then my friend @Courtneybst <started his marine tank>, I saw it up close irl, and it was only a matter of time before I dipped my toe in the salty waters...
  2. H

    Hustle’s low-tech bowl

    I was looking to get back into the hobby but I may be moving soon so didn’t want to set up anything big. I was kind of drawn to the spherical design of the Biorb but realised that it’d be very difficult to grow plants in one due to the filter design. Growing plants successfully was my...
  3. Kyle Lambert

    The shrimp bowl, suggestions needed.

    Hey everyone. I've decided that as I cannot currently set up a new full system, due to current circumstances, to take on a different project just to satisfy my need to get planting. I'm attempting a shrimp bowl. It's unfiltered (daily water changes are obviously a must) but there will be a...
  4. darthpaul

    Need a bowl

    I am looking for a decent bowl to do a walstad setup with to put on my desk. Can anyone recommend me somewhere I can buy one or know of a decent quality bowl online? I looked at one in Tesco for £6.50 but the glass was really thin.
  5. CalebWM

    Planted Bowl

    Hi, So I had been looking at getting a nano fish tank for my room for quite some time, but not having a job means I couldn't really get one for myself. Anyway, one day in a super market I see a bowl and tell my mum I could set up a small planted tank for the kitchen, which she agreed on, so I...
  6. CalebWM

    Growing Moss

    Hi Would I be able to grow moss (Riccia) on a windowsill with only natural light, water changes every week or so and dosing ferts?(not sure which ferts would be required) to create this sort of effect : Just for fun 5l bowl | UK Aquatic Plant Society Thanks Caleb
  7. CalebWM

    Aquascaping a small bowl

    Hi Picked up a small bowl today think it is glass, it's 4l 17x21 (diameter x height) but need some help with scaping it, I have in mind doing something like this Just for fun 5l bowl | UK Aquatic Plant Society here are some pics of the bowl Thanks, Caleb
  8. Antoni

    Sun kissed Wabi Kusa

    Hi everyone, just decided to share with you my latest wabi kusa bowl. This is an experiment and in its early stage. I wanted to create a wabi kusa in this bowl for quite some time and a couple of months ago, I have started it using cat litter for substrate, enriched with some miracle grow...
  9. Ian Holdich

    The bowl

    I have decided to overthrow the kitchen nano again after the little puffer died last week. I wanted to try something a little different, and have seen a couple of scapes like this in the past. So here goes... One clean P@H nano cube (15l) IMG_3291 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr the base filled...