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  1. eminor

    A noob vs some hardest plants

    Hello, I'm making a little diary to tell my madness, or rather a certain love or neurosis of the difficulty in a general way. The tank i'm presenting is a one year old tank, it has suffered and survived BBA's, Green Water, diatoms and lot's of trouble. This tank started almost at the same time...
  2. taistrietman

    Biotopes with plants from central Brazil

    Hi all, had the pleasure of meeting Jeff (one of the mods) recently and he encouraged me to get a bit more involved with UKAPS and specifically with the biotope section. I've spent a lot of time exploring aquatic habitats, especially in central Brazil, many of them with plants. You can view...
  3. Zak Rafik

    What's eating my Cabomba Caroliniana plants? :-|

    Hi everyone, For the past 1 week or so, I have notice that my Cabomba Caroliniana which has been doing great since day one, has started break off into pieces and float to the top. It's not the whole plant but about 3 to 5 cm of the plant from it’s top. At first I didn't pay much attention to...
  4. David Glavin

    Silica Sand

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and wondering if I have already made a mistake, last month I set up my RIO 240 with the intention of it being a planted discus tank, I bought a 1400l per hour external with a uv light from all pond and it's been cycling since. However the tank came with some silver...
  5. Kyle Lambert

    Trimmings and cut offs.

    So i couldnt find anything on the forums already and ive only been here five minutes, but i was wondering if people would be happy sending any excess plants they have to people. My tank is only 6 weeks old so im in no position as yet but i know i will have some Cabomba i would be happy to send...