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  1. Carbondioxide

    Product Review Our acrylic iO Diffuser is on sale

    🌱 Excellent CO2 dissolution rates thanks to the nano co2 mist technology membrane. ✅ 🌱 Easy maintenance and durable materials make IO Diffuser a perfect choice for novice and expert aquascapers alike. ✅ 🌱 Designed to be used as a regular glass CO2 atomizer diffuser, but offering higher CO2...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Discus setup advice

    Hi all, I have a brand new setup and looking to start keeping discus Iv kept many species of fish but gonna be new to keeping discus. They will have a hole tank to themselves with some alge eaters maybe a zebra pleco at some stage. I have a Evolution Aquascaper 900 Biomaster thermo 600 Co2...
  3. Carbondioxide

    Inline diffuser - the first few days...

    One thing to note when first setting up a brand new inline diffuser is this... It is absolutely normal to find your new diffuser producing some large bubbles. This is a natural process our ceramic membrane goes through unitil all the pores on the membrane are open. This whole process may take...
  4. Nathanh2150


    What’s everyone’s opinion on the, NEW CO2Art Inline CO2 Aquarium Atomizer Diffuser System and the SEACHEM IN-LINE DIFFUSER Thinking of buying the new co2art inline co2 aquarium atomizer diffuser system .. :D for my biomaster 250 thermo exturnal filter
  5. Carbondioxide

    CO2 ART Aquascaping Contest 2020 - does your aquascape have what it takes to win?

    We know you like aquascaping and who doesn't like to win prizes right? The UK slowly returning to normal, now is the time to bring your aquascape out of quarantine and let us see what all that extra time spent at home has done for your beloved planted tank. This is our first contest and we want...
  6. Carbondioxide

    Pro Elite Dual Stage Regulator

    Our top-rated dual-stage professional CO2 regulator has a lot to offer. We know you take your asquascaping seriously. Whether your working on a 5-litre nano scape or an epic 5000-litre masterpiece, our Pro Elite regulator is more than capable of giving you total control. Run several planted...
  7. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January. www.co2art.co.uk
  8. Carbondioxide

    Black Friday sale 30% off everything online

    Take advantage of our Black Friday sales now while stocks last. Our Dual Stage Pro-SE regulator is only £84 when you use our special discount code; BF30 at the checkout. Click here to save right now.
  9. Carbondioxide

    New Paintball-Sodastream-Disposable Adaptor

    It's now easier than ever to select the correct adaptor to connect your pro series regulator and your source of CO2. Whether its a disposable, paintball or SodaStream bottle, you can choose the perfect match from our website. What's your favourite source of pressurised CO2 for your aquascapes?
  10. Kalum

    Anyone used new Co2art inline diffuser (qanvee)

    Just wondering if anyone has used the new Co2art inline diffusers yet and has any feedback? https://www.co2art.eu/collections/co2-accessories/products/new-co2art-inline-co2-aquarium-atomizer-diffuser-system-16-22mm-hose
  11. Carbondioxide

    New Inline Diffusers

    We have just launched a new inline diffuser - check them out on our website. Features: – replaceable ceramic membrane – durable and crack resistant metal body – nano co2 mist technology membrane – 12/16mm & 16/22mm connection sizes Using our inline diffuser allows for less equipment to be...
  12. Kalum

    Feedback CO2Art - 9/10, could easily be 10

    Bought a new dual stage kit from CO2Art last week which arrived quickly and nicely packaged. Impressed with the quality of all the kit for the price and is always nice to see good value doesn't need to mean the quality suffers. Spoken to Karol regarding a few things with setup and their...
  13. papa_c

    Metamorphosis from unstructured jungle.

    Here’s my first journal with a view to sharing the learning journey! Tank ND aquariums 100*60*40 Filters 2 x Aquamanta efx 400, 2 x 1400l/h, each has a spray bar half the length of the tank Lights 4 x 39w T5HO iQuatics Dosing EI via home made Raspberry PI doser, Macros Sunday, Tuesday...
  14. P

    Co2 standard regulator adaptor to use disposable threaded 16g bike co2

    Hello i was wondering if this is even possible, if i have a dual stage regulator for lets say co2art would there be an adaptor that will work with bicycle 16g co2?. There is a soda stream adaptor even maybe something like regulator > soda steam > 16gm or even paintball g320 adaptor to > 16 im...
  15. K

    Drop checker colour

    Hi all Does anyone use the co2art drop checker fluid? Having trouble telling the colour. In the tank the colour looks deep green (as per bottle instructions). Take it out the tank it's blue. I've had co2 running for 4 hours and colour hasn't budged.
  16. A

    My new Aquanano 40 Iwagumi Style Tank

    Hi I thought I would create this journal about my new aquarium. I have kept many planted tanks over the years and when I was working in an aquatic shop in the early 2000's we had the Amano books and I would look at every photo with awe and admiriation and I said one day I would give it a go...
  17. Kyle Lambert

    refer a friend... with co2art

    not sure if this will violate the t&cs but im sure the post will get ripped down if it does. basically i have just ordered a regulator from co2 art. Im not sure if any of you guys are looking to buy regs or co2 equipment any time soon but if you do and you arent already an account holder with...