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cube tank

  1. Protopigeon

    Best method for raising LED light?

    Hi folks I want to add another LED light to my Dennerle 60L cube (38cm x 38cm square) Currently I have a Fluval Aquasky LED 2.0 light which is great for the existing plants and shrimp, but I want to grow some grasses emergent at the back, so I need another light source because the emergent...
  2. goldscapes

    30cm Garden Cube

  3. Joris

    The fallen tree [60L low-tech]

    Hi Guys! Just started an account here after a long time of lurking around. I want to contribute to the forum by sharing my second aquascape journey. Most recent update: In july this year I started with my first ‘aquascape’. It was a 30 liter cube with some easy plants and it currently looks...
  4. Ryan Young

    External filters for 30 liter Cube

    Hi all, So I purchased a Dennerle Aqua Cube 30 today from Gumtree, the tank is awesome- clean & fancy. Might have to buy a new bulb for the 11w cause it seems a bit dull and everyone i spoke to said it was bright. Anyway... I set it all up for a fishless cycle then to be scaped but the Dennerle...
  5. BexHaystack

    LED advice needed for low tech 60L cube

    Hello all, I’m a new comer to the planted aquarium – I used to work in the lfs when I was a teenager and had a 200L tank with a pair of Oscars and a few choice catfish, very few plants (and they were yellow and covered in algae) but that was 15 years ago in South Africa and the hobby has...
  6. Bufo Bill

    Bufo Bill's Boraras Cube

    Hi, this is my first journal here on UKAPS, feel free to let me know what you think. Some specs:- Fish R Fun 17L Cube tank (Open Top). Lighting: AquaRay 400 nano tile with controller set @ Photoperiod 3:15pm to 10:15pm, 10% intensity, 100 minute ramp up and ramp down. Filter: Boyu external, with...
  7. Alastair

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    Following on from my soon to be dismantled chocolate puddle A Chocolate Puddle - picture update | UK Aquatic Plant Society I thought id get my follow on journal started in the lead up to my tank arriving. This like my other journal won't have any specific planning as to scape etc but will try...